Due Diligence

Global Rights Compliance offers expertise in human rights due diligence, spanning from the core UNGP framework to the requirements under international, national and regional frameworks.

GRC’s Business and Human Rights team regularly advises businesses, private actors, civil society and governmental stakeholders on both the theoretical aspects and practical components of human rights due diligence, with a focus on conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

GRC has worked hand in hand with companies to ensure that their business operations are conducted in a human-rights compliant way by designing and implementing comprehensive human rights due diligence frameworks that operate along their entire supply chain. GRC also undertakes on-the-ground human rights impact assessments for global brands that seek to identify human rights risks in their business operations and supplier operations, informing them on their current or potential exposure to salient human rights risks and providing recommendations for how to effectively monitor those risks and remediate harm.

In collaboration with civil society, GRC also regularly undertakes extensive and in-depth research into various forms of human rights violations to which private and public institutions directly and indirectly contribute. GRC has co-authored a number of reports on these issues, outlining the various human rights due diligence obligations of target stakeholders, delivering research on the UNGPs and OECD guidelines, including in relation to potential atrocity crimes, and formulating expert legal opinions on a range of matters relating to the extractive, conservation and apparel sector, to name a few.

GRC further conducts workshops and webinars with trade bodies and sector-specific associations and their members on heightened due diligence obligations in conflict-affected and high-risk areas and how to implement the measures needed for effective remediation of risk and harm.

Our Services


Impact Assessments

Assessments of global business operations in all business sectors to enable identification, mitigation and remediation of salient human rights risks and violations.

Gap Analysis

Highlighting the gaps in organisational human rights due diligence policies, procedures, regulations and grievance mechanisms.

On-the-ground Assessments

Deploying teams with essential field-knowledge in meaningful stakeholder engagement necessary to identify and remediate human rights risks and violations

Human Rights Due Diligence Frameworks

Representing defendants and victims at trial, devising and executing trial strategies, including presentation of evidence and arguing points of law as they arise.

Remedy Mediation

Trusted third-party mediators to confidentially resolve conflict between companies, third parties and stakeholders.

Operational Grievance Mechanisms

Global experts in establishing and evaluating the efficacy of operational grievance mechanisms in identifying human rights abuses.

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