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Achieving justice through the innovative application of international law

Not-for-profit specialising in international humanitarian law

Global Rights Compliance is a not-for-profit specialising in international humanitarian, criminal and human rights law to address and alleviate acute humanitarian need. We operate in conflict-affected and high-risk areas around the world. We intervene and implement projects to prevent and remediate adverse human rights impacts in three key areas.

Conflict Related Accountability

We develop multi-disciplinary strategies and programmes to promote stability through conflict-related accountability and transitional justice.

Rule of Law

We work with formal and informal security and justice actors, including states and civil society, to protect human rights and uphold the rule of law.

Business & Human Rights

We work with companies, investors, civil society organisations and government actors to address potential adverse human rights and environmental impacts resulting from business operations.

World leading lawyers and development actors

Global Rights Compliance offers expertise across a number of different sectors. In all of our work, we start by defining our impact statement usually involving the alleviation of humanitarian need through social, cultural or political change. We carefully design implementation strategies to deliver that impact often drawing on cross-sector expertise, and realising the synergies between those sectors to achieve maximum impact.

Whilst our core expertise is in the leveraging of legal mechanisms, we always ensure our work is situated within the broader social, cultural and political contexts, which we see as an essential route to achieving social, cultural and political change.

GRC have been a really wonderful partner – in terms of substance, willingness to help out, commitment to high quality work and approach to engaging with Mwatana. GRC’s combination of knowledge, understanding and flexibility, and ability to dialogue, engage, teach and learn, has been really helpful.

– Mwatana for Human Rights, Yemen

GRC, for a few years in a row, has been one of our main partners, one of the experts with which the Crimean Prosecutor’s Office has been in close cooperation. Even at the initial stages when we just began working with the crimes related to armed conflict in Crimea GRC provided us with consultations.

– Head of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine

Domestic & International Human Rights Legal Expertise




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Mobile Justice Team works in Mykolaiv to prioritise war crimes investigations

Mobile Justice Team works in Mykolaiv to prioritise war crimes investigations

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